There are a variety of reasons that we like to use Joomla as the Content Management System (CMS) for most of our clients websites.  Here are some of the main reasons:

  • Scalable - As of July 26, 2017, we've updated all of our websites to the new Joomla 3.7.4 version which utilizes a technology called boot strap which allows the website template to scale to the device that is viewing the website.  If you are using a computer, it shows the large screen version.  If you are on a table, it will scale down.  If you are on a smart phone, it will align the menu and data in a nice vertical view that is maximized for the phone.  This technology is very powerful and eliminates the need to develop an app for your website.
  • Customizable - Joomla includes over a thousand applications (extensions) that add a wide variety of functionality to the website.  Need a Document Management System?  OK, no problem, we utilize DocMan or eDocMan on our clients sites.

  • Ecommerce - We use plugins, secure servers and payment gateways that integrate with Joomla to create secure, ecommerce websites.
  • Editable - Joomla allows for users to get engaged with their own website.  Sometimes is by adding users and data about users to the website.  Sometimes it's about the calendar or a blog or uploading documents or adding/editing webpages or 'going social' or ...
  • Security - Built on linux, php and mysql, these technologies are powerful, stable and secure.

  • Open Source - The fact that the core is always evolving and adapting to the world in which we live makes this platform perfect for our dynamic world.