It is critical to develop a website that can be viewed on a variety of devices, including a PC/MAC, tablet (ipad, Fire, Surface, etc.) and smartphone (iphone, droid, windows, etc.).  This goal presents quite a challenge to a website developer/designer.  In the recent past, it seemed necessary to develop at least two different versions of a website - one for a PC and one for mobile devices.  The problem with this is that you now have two websites to maintain and this approach dilutes your SEO (Search Engine Optimization).  The other approach was to set about developing apps for each device (very costly and challenging to maintain). 

What is a web designer to do?  The answer is using the new Joomla 3 platform which incorporates Twitter's "Bootstrap" technology that scales to the device viewing the website.  Clever eh?  This means that with the right team designing your website, all you need is ONE website for all devices...REALLY!!!

The concept behind this 'responsive design' is to create a single design or template that automatically adapts to different viewing devices. Rather than detecting specific devices, the layout changes occur based on the width of the browser. As new mobile devices are developed, responsively designed sites should not require any changes, since they will automatically adjust to the width of new devices.

That's why you should let us 'nettop' a website for you today...

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